The American Road Patch is a patented technology that uses a high-strength fiberglass grid that successfully keeps water out and gets stronger over time.

It is the first truly permanent pothole repair solution available on the market.


American Road Patch™



"This ingenious concept is ideal for saving on the long-term repair costs of our infrastructures. In addition, it is innovative and easy to install, it contributes to the protection of the environment by reducing the number of repairs to be carried out on the road and it is aesthetic because the finished rendering leaves the impression that there are no untimely repairs on the road, in order to reduce visible nuisances." -- Customer, Brock White Canada

"We have provided American Road Patch to several Municipalities who are very impressed with how easily it installs, and how well it holds up through our harsh Northeast winters." -- Distributor, EJ Prescott

"I believe this to be the fix that all road maintenance crews have been searching for. The surprise comes when they see how simple it is to use." -- Distributor, Brishan Inc. 

"Easy to install! Durable in our Northwest climate." -- Distributor, Arrow Construction Supply

"When we placed this material down, we had no idea how well it would perform.  Now, we wish we had asked longer test section. After 4 years of traffic and weather, the patch is performing beyond our expectations. And no damage from snowplows." -- Missouri DOT, St. Louis Metro District


"Just prior to Christmas we were asked if ARP would be suitable for a wooden bridge repair over a bridge on the Waimakariri River in Selwyn District just North of Christchurch. The bridge is quite old and needed strengthening with metal plates in certain areas of the bridge. The plates were installed but were very slippery to drive over and that region of New Zealand contains a large number of dairy farms where milk tankers collect milk and since dairy is New Zealand's biggest export its pretty important to ensure the safety of those tankers along with the string of tourist campervans that visit the region given its beauty. The ARP was laid over all the metal plates to ensure traction and braking on the plates was safe and this is the result. I am very pleased with these results." -- Mark de Jong, Owner of Asphalt in a Bag, New Zealand